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Dupont ~ Blizzard of 2010

     My editorial FROM THE 2-10-10 Dupont Circle Citizens Association Newsletter

     I went out at dusk, after the snow finally stopped, for the second and, thankfully, final shoveling of the 100 foot sidewalk surrounding my tiny triangular corner lot. Snow-laden trees and ornate 19th century buildings seemed magical, reflecting pink in the darkening sky.

     The last 3 inch layer of snow came up with pleasing ease perhaps because DC rarely gets much below freezing or because of heat from our underground infrastructure, which causes the bottom layer to melt instead of freeze solid like it does for our more unfortunate suburban neighbors. Or just maybe because of continuously passing clusters of happy, friendly traffic on foot and, occasionally, bicycles and cross-country skis moving up the car-free road toward Connecticut Avenue. Though 21st Street was a delicate white wonderland, I couldn’t resist following.

     Connecticut appeared magnificently deserted. Yet all the restaurants were open, some brimming with people. The morning’s snowball fight in the Circle was still in full raucous swing. Two opposing factions faced off, throwing up a constant barrage and every few moments charging at each other shrieking war cries. As I walked away on the white, barren and beautiful expanse of Mass Ave., I was overcome with the vibrance, splendor and just plain urban grace of Dupont. We have so many resources at our fingertips! Enjoy! Ruth The Editor rhorn@cbmove.com