"The plan should be drawn on such a scale as to leave room for the aggrandisement & embellishment which the increase of the wealth of the Nation will permit it to pursue at any period how ever remote." Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant to President George Washington on the design of the new Capitol City.
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     This is not the traditional real estate marketing website but rather a personal statement about my experiences as a Realtor. As such it will remain forever “under construction,” structured only by my own whimsy.

     During my career, I’ve had great sales with many delightful, extraordinary clients. I’ve also had some transactions so remarkable in their complexity, convolution and, every-so-often, painful difficulty as to (in retrospect) make for truly amazing real estate theater. No matter the sale’s character, I always strive to do my best to make my client’s experience as easy and, actually, as wonderful as it possibly can be. I care more than I can express.

     Washington DC is a magnificent real estate market! Fifteen years ago Virginia was my favorite market. Now I love and adore DC. From Ledroit Park’s sculptured Victorian rowhouses (in my opinion, some of the best investments in DC) to contemporary Logan and Central condos to “mid-century” Watergate opulence to tree-shrouded Spring Valley mansions to Chevy Chase center-hall Colonials, we live in a city of extraordinary, inspired diversity and grandeur.

     In the late1990s, a Rockefeller bought “The Rocks”, an estate whose entrance was, shockingly, not in Forest Hills but rather in Crestwood. At the time a society wit, to use a very Victorian term, said that one had to feel very socially secure to buy East of the park. Since then money and development have flooded into the beautiful but oft-neglected housing stock to the East. Logan, which for years evaded development, now houses one of DC’s hottest single blocks, the 1400s of Church. The 14th Street Columbia Heights development and the Mount Vernon Triangle, DC’s largest civic development project in recent history built on a low-end industry and parking lot wasteland, are simply stunning in their massiveness. In only ten years we have doubled, perhaps tripled, our residential inventory and profoundly changed our city.

     Yet despite sub-prime, despite actual price drops, it’s obvious to those of us who see it every day that DC is one of the most durable markets in the country. Relative to the rest of the country prices have not come down THAT much. And well priced properties in all price ranges generate multiple offers almost instantly. I’ve been involved in so many multiple contract situations in the past six months that every time I write a condo contract I hold my breath.

     Our market, I am convinced, is supported by smart, affluent and astonishingly fiscally responsible young professionals. These accomplished men and women, from international think tanks, huge and prestigious law firms, the World Bank and IMF, the Supreme Court, know their own minds even while they respect their mothers (smile). I am perpetually in awe of these 30 year olds who have, already, planned and saved sufficiently to put 30% down on our city’s very expensive condos.

    I work primarily with buyers as a buyer’s agent. To me, it is completely logical that the buyer have representation ... though DC area real estate managed to work efficiently for the innumerable years up until the first agency legislation in 1999. Richard Urban, the head of my team, and occasionally two top listing agents in Maryland, takes the lead on all my listings.

     These, in a nutshell, are the thoughts of Ruth Horn, Realtor. Much much more on the site’s inside pages.

     Thanks for reading. Truly, I’d love to help. Very best regards, Ruth


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